Good luck to Skills Inc. Technical Services employee and IRONMAN triathlete Vlad Schmidt! He is the fastest American Deaf IRONMAN, if not the world, making him a living embodiment of the IRONMAN mantra “Anything Is Possible”. Vlad’s dedication is truly inspiring.

Vlad has been a valued member of the Skills Inc. team for 9+ years. Russian born, he now lives in Seattle, speaks English, German, Russian, as well as American Sign Language, German Sign Language, and Russian Sign Language. He devotes 15-20 hours to training every week. He lives and breathes competitive triathlons and he’s not settling until he’s at the top of his age group at IRONMAN Kona, 2015.

To support the expenses associated with training and competing in IRONMAN 2015 is managing Vlad’s sponsorship efforts. If you would like to support Vlad, please visit his GoFundMe page.

Good luck Vlad! Your coworkers at Skills Inc. are so proud of you.