Life Changing Internship

Crystal Blanchel (middle) with supervisor Jeff Ivie and mentor Holly Frampton

Crystal Blanchet (middle) with supervisor Jeff Ivie and mentor Holly Frampton

As a senior in high school, Crystal Blanchet felt like she had hit a dead end. Unsure about what she would do after graduation she enrolled in the Aerospace Internship Program (AIP) at Skills Inc.

During the program, I gained experience both in the AIP classroom and on the shop floor. In class, I improved my knowledge on safety, computer basics, and career readiness. If I didn’t understand something the instructor would try to explain it in a way that I could. Through the classes, I gained knowledge that I can use in the work place and everywhere else. On the shop floor, I experienced at least one new thing per day and had a lot of great mentors. One of my favorites was Holly Frampton, who inspired me with her positive and caring attitude. She went out of her way to help me with my senior project. I was the first intern to ever work in the paint shop area and Holly taught me everything I needed to know.

Before the AIP came to an end, I applied for and was successfully offered a paid summer internship at Skills Inc. During the AIP, there are many things you are unable to do because of safety concerns, so my summer internship involved many new tasks. Learning new things was challenging, but I always powered through and continuously did what was asked of me. Finally, after the 90 day paid summer internship program I became a full-time employee.

I feel proud of myself and finally understand that everybody can succeed in life, you just have to want it. I love that I got a job right out of high school especially because it’s my first job, and I love it. It’s not every day that someone loves their first job, but I sure do. Though it is hard at times, I have come away with experiences that have and will always, influence me, my goals, and dreams.

The past two years have had a great impact on the development of my future. When I reflect back, it becomes clear that the education and life changing experiences I received taught me a lot about the person I am today, and the person I’ve been struggling to be. There are always obstacles that make you learn your weaknesses, but discovering your faults also makes you a stronger person. One of the greatest lessons that I will always carry with me, is that you only get out of life what you put into it.

This has been a life changing experience. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of the mentors and supervisors at work, and the support of my family and friends.