Congrats AIP Class of 2018

Congratulations to the Skills Inc. Aerospace Internship Program class of 2018! This year, thirty high school students from four school districts graduated from the program with valuable work-readiness skills, increased confidence and hands-on experience working in the aerospace industry.

The graduation ceremony, which was co-sponsored by the Boeing Company, was held at Emerald Downs on Friday, June 8th. The event was well attended by parents, school administrators, community partners and mentors. Guest speakers included Senator Joe Fain, Kari Burrows from Boeing, Christopher Willis from Orting School District, and Michael Nelson from Enumclaw School District. All qualifying seniors will be graduating from high school and nineteen will be returning to Skills Inc. for a summer internship.

Skills Inc. would like to express our gratitude to the graduates for their hard work and dedication to the program. We would also like to thank everyone that had a hand in their success including family and friends, instructors, supervisors, mentors, school administrators, community partners and donors.

Group photo of graduates