Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of using both sheet and extruded alloys to manufacture simple to complex shapes and configurations that are used in assemblies. There are many different operations used under the sheet metal fabrication. See our full capabilities below.


CNC Turret Punch

  • CNC Turret Punch (Amada) will complete complex shapes in sheet metal using a rotating turret with specialty punch configurations.
  • Ability to nest parts to optimize sheet yield
  • Maximum Part size: 34″ x 144″
  • Material Gage: .020″ to .190″

waterjetWater Jet

  • Machines a wide range of materials and thicknesses, from metals and composites to glass and plastic
  • Max sheet size 12’2” x 5’8”
    • MAXJET 5i nozzle
    • Mini MAXJET 5i nozzle
    • 18-40k PSI

Punch Press

  • 125 Ton Capacity (Aida)
  • Maximum tool Size: 24″ x 24″
  • High production of single shape parts


Skills has the capabilities and equipment to fabricate quick turn parts using manual equipment. Our staff is trained in manual layout and fabrication of sheet metal or extruded parts complete per drawing specifications. Including sheet metal forming of complex shapes and configurations.


  • Hot Joggle
  • Rubber Head Press
  • Capable of forming complex shapes
  • Capable for forming up to 8′
  • Material Gage: .020″ x .250″


  • Technical Deburr
  • Technical capabilities of both BAC5300 & BAC5730
  • Part Lengths up to 24 Feet
  • 24 hour operations to support customer emergencies
  • Vibratory capability for high production volumes
CNC PunchAmada Pega 345136″ x 120″33 Ton, 58 Station
Maxiem 1530 WaterjetOmax148″ x 120″3 Axis CNC Waterjet System
Hot Joggle PressMurdock12.5 x .250″ x 8.0″Hot joggle press with Die sets
Hot Joggle PressEagle Press 3B Die Set14.0 x .25 x 8′Hot joggle press with Die sets
Rubber Head PressDake125″ x 30″ x 45″12″ Depth Rubber Box 300 ton
Brake PressStrippet14 ftStandard Back Stop
Brake PressAmada36 ftProgrammable Backstop
Punch PressAida126″ x 42″125 Ton
Punch PressRousselle118″ x 30″60 Ton
Punch PressRoper Whitney112″ x 12″6 Ton
Sheet Roller.250″ Aluminum 42″ Length1.250″ x 42″Roller
NotcherDi-Acro124″ x 24″16 Gage Max
Notcher RadiusRoper Whitney113″Multi Radius
Corner ShearAmada112″ x 12″90 Degree
Power ShearCincinnati110 ft.250 Max Thick, Auto Back Stop
Automatic Sandblast SystemEmpire Blast IL4884-RS124″ wide conveyor9 gun rotary head