Penetrant Inspection

penetrant_inspectPenetrant inspection is a nondestructive method of detecting surface flaws and defects. Parts are submerged in fluorescent penetrant solution, soaked long enough for the liquid to infiltrate any potential cracks, and then the solution is rinsed off. Fluorescent penetrant will remain in any surface flaws and be discovered through inspection under an ultraviolet light.

Skills Inc. partners with leading aerospace and commercial manufacturers to provide the following NADCAP certified processes.


  • ASTM-E-1417, Type 1, Method A
  • BAC 5423
  • Capability up to 20 feet


PenetrantASTM-E-1417Boeing – D1-4426
PenetrantASTM-E-1417Hawker Beechcraft (Formerly Raytheon Aircraft)
PenetrantBAC 5423Boeing – D1-4426
PenetrantDPS 4.707Boeing – D1-4426

Pre-Clean Tank Dimensions

LocationTank No.ProcessLengthWidthDepth
Auburn P1100Emulsion Clean264″40″59″
Auburn P1200Alkaline Clean264″40″60″
Seattle210Emulsion Clean96″36″48″
Seattle213Alkaline Clean96″36″48″
Seattle214Alkaline Clean96″36″48″