Paint increases corrosion resistance and can provide a decorative finish. Skills Inc. partners with leading aerospace and commercial manufacturers to provide the following NADCAP certified processes.

painter in boothPaint Capabilities

  • Teflon abrasive resistant coatings
  • Polyurethanes
  • Enamels
  • Primers
  • Others
PaintNTR-PS 1101Nordam
PaintPS2003Kodiak Aircraft Company (FKA Quest Aircraft)
PaintBAC 5705Boeing
PaintBAC 5710Boeing
PaintBAC 5736Boeing
PaintBAC 5793Boeing
PaintBAC 5845Boeing
PaintBAC 5882Boeing
PaintBS361Hawker Beechcraft (FKA Raytheon Aircraft)
PaintDPS 4.50-138Boeing
PaintDPS 4.50-36Boeing
PaintDPS 4.50-36-17Boeing
PaintDPS 4.50-62Boeing
PaintMIL-F-18264Hawker Beechcraft (FKA Raytheon Aircraft)
PaintPS13375Boeing – Approval Not Required
PaintPS13517Boeing – Approval Not Required – Details and Non-Moldline Surfaces only.
PaintPS13630Boeing – Approval Not Required
PaintPS13646Boeing- Approval Not Required
(Excludes: Powder Coating)
Kodiak Aircraft Company (FKA Quest Aircraft)