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New GCC High Skills Home Page:

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The GCC High cutover will start on Friday July 16 at 5pm.
Both the old and new sites may be completely unavailable after the cutover starts. With luck, they will be online Sunday, but the window for the cutover is 2 days, Saturday and Sunday.

During the cutover there will be times when Office 365, SharePoint, Teams and Email will be unavailable. If you have customers who will need to contact you over the weekend, it would be a good idea to warn them and give them a backup email address to contact you with.

If you have SharePoint Documents you will need over the weekend, save a copy to your Desktop on Friday.

Please do not open Help Desk tickets about office 365, email, Teams, or SharePoint during the migration until Monday July 19. Instead watch this website for updates. If all goes perfect, email might only be down for 15 min, but the whole cutover and sync could take 2 days or more, so if your missing 7 days of emails for example, they just are still in the queue to sync over.

Any shortcut you have to SharePoint online will change to end in .us instead of .com
I will update all the Home Page and SharePoint shortcuts on your desktop, so be sure to use them.

Outlook should pickup the changes on it’s own, but while it’s updating you may need to access your email from the Office 365 Webmail at

After the cut over, if anything is missing, I will still be able to migrate them over later, so just open a help desk ticket if something is missing in SharePoint, Email, Teams, etc.


My Shortcuts and links are broken!

Anything that was under will now be under

You can fix any broken link by adding in /sites/skills/ or changing .com to .us

New GCC High Skills Home Page:

New GCC High Classic SharePoint Home Page: