Skills Technical Services

As one of Puget Sound’s top nonprofit staffing agencies, Skills Technical Services (STS) delivers flexible staffing solutions to meet your company’s needs.

Diversifying the Tech Industry

Skills Inc.’s technical services division provides first-class supplier support, offering on-demand contingent software developers, hardware test engineers, tech support and other IT specialists. Our customer centric approach utilizes standardized best practices that perpetuate the value and trust required to generate effective solutions and timely outcomes.

We will deliver a diverse and inclusive pool of high tech talent that will drive your future success. Our technical recruitment specialists work with applicants to ensure they meet our client’s needs and only submit the top candidates for consideration.

Skills Inc. strives for complete customer satisfaction and continually improves our internal processes with our customers in mind. We will meet and exceed your highest expectations while maintaining true to our social mission. Promoting inclusion in the workplace is part of our competitive advantage.

Through integrated team building, we help clients meet diversity and inclusion goals. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit social enterprise, our mission to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities is fully funded through our business lines. Profits are reinvested into our vocational programs to assist individuals who may require a more hands-on, personalized approach to developing and gaining marketable skills.



Hardware, Electrical, Mechanical, Thermal Mechanical, Electronic Lab Technicians, Project Managers


Firmware, Device Drivers, Embedded, Web, Mobile, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Applications/Operating Systems, Software Testing, Project Management


Network Administration and Engineering, Database Administrator, IT Support


Shipping and Receiving, Inventory Control, Electronic Part Research and Sourcing, Classified Material Management, Operations Management and Event Support


Usability Testing (Web/Software/Mobile), Accessibility Testing (Web/Software/Mobile), Hardware Compatibility. For accessibility, usability and compliance related questions, please email

Companies Seeking Contingent Technical Staff

Skills Inc.’s experienced technical recruiters are focused on locating and matching distinct skill sets for specified and hard to fill roles. Our competitive cost structure and technical proficiencies offer both immediate and long term solutions.

Our team can assist your business with finding qualified hardware and software support staff. Contact our technical services division today at 206-782-6000 or

Seeking a Career

At Skills Inc., our most important partnership is the one we share with our employees. We offer excellent benefits and take an active role in supporting the health and well-being of our staff. Our recruiters are currently seeking technical candidates for a variety of positions.

Join our team! View our current job postings and apply today.

STS employee“We recognize the importance of an inclusive culture and business environment where employees with varied perspectives, skills and experiences work together to create innovative technology solutions that help our customers realize their full potential. We value having a vendor partner whose mission is in alignment with what we envision for our workplace.”

— Gwen Houston, Microsoft General Manager of Global Diversity and Inclusion